Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowships in USA 2022

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowships welcomes applications from individuals and establishments who wish to partner with them on ground-breaking projects that reinforce journalism’s future.

To assist in turning ideas into useful new strategies, tools, products or services, the RJI provides a yearly fellowship program that provides individuals a chance to help nurture and grow ground-breaking ideas — to build their proficiency and the public’s knowledge in these areas.

Selected projects often comprise creating new strategies or models to find solution to a problem, creating new tools, building a prototype or advancing a prototype so it becomes ready for investment or take-off. All projects will be created and executed in a newsroom within the period of the 8-month fellowship.

Whatever your idea, its advantages should be able to spread to other news establishments and the people who depend on them. You will put out regular updates at to share what you are learning and how it could be of advantage to news establishments. At the end of your fellowship program, you will put out the outcomes and lessons learned from the execution of your project after it has been tried or utilized in a newsroom.

They have three types of Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowships:

1. Residential

Residential fellowship programs are structured for persons who want to work together with RJI staff, students and faculty on-site at their institute in Columbia, Missouri. Residential fellows use eight months on campus at the Missouri School of Journalism to exploit the intellectual and technical resources of Reynolds Journalism Institute and the Missouri School of Journalism. Resource samples comprise access to programmers and app developers, support to carry out market research, and paid students to create multimedia content.

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2. Non-residential

Non-residential fellowship programs can take on something you are interested in pursuing by yourself or something that could be of advantage to a current employer. You are not required to reside in Columbia but you will be required to make a minimum of one visit to consult with RJI leadership and personnel. Your project will be executed and tried in the newsroom of your choosing during your fellowship program.

3. Institutional

Institutional fellowship programs are structured to unlock some of the meticulous, meaningful concepts in your newsroom or establishment that for different reasons haven’t been able to be investigated yet. Reynolds Journalism Institute will work together with a leader at your institution or establishment who can cultivate the idea and lead a team that will make it a reality. That leader will be termed an Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow but will continue working at his or her job.

Worth of Award

  • Residential Fellows obtain a $10,000 a month allowance and a one-time refund for relocations up to $10,000.
  • Non-residential Fellows obtain a $20,000 allowance, payable quarterly in increases of $5000.
  • Institutional: The allowance for this fellowship program will be paid to the establishment or institution to be utilised for salary relief for the fellow, or for another use that the establishment or institution decides will best guarantee the success of the fellowship project.
  • Fellow’s institutions obtain a $20,000 allowance, payable quarterly in increases of $5000 to the institution

Eligibility for Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowships

  • Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowships are available to U.S. nationals and news establishments and also as international news outlets.
  • The Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowships also welcome pitches from international journalists who intend to partner with U.S.-based news, technology and civil society establishments.
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How to Apply for Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowships

Access the application form for Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowships on their website.

You will be asked to complete these questions in the first stage of the application:

  • Name, phone, email, and Twitter handle
  • Location
  • Type of fellowship program you are applying for
  • Please recap your project idea in one concise paragraph
  • What issue or need in journalism does the project tackle?
  • Who will gain from the development of your project?
  • How and where do you intend to execute it once it is finished/built?
  • Is there any other thing you feel we should put into consideration
  • Attach resume/CV
  • For proposals that get advanced to the next stage of consideration, you will be required to answer a second, more comprehensive set of questions concerning the project, its deliverables, your qualifications to work together with them, and more.
  • Subsequent to the second stage, they will interview contestants for the Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowships.

Application Deadline

Applications end on December 18, 2021.

Visit here to Apply and for more details

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