Obama Foundation Scholars Program at University of Columbia in USA 2022/2023

The aim of the Obama Foundation Scholars Program is to assist talented, collaborative, upcoming leaders from all over the globe. This is a life-changing opportunity to explore an innovative one-year academic experience. The application closes on 22nd of December, 2021 at 5 pm ET.

Eligible Nations: All

Location: Columbia University, USA

Obama Foundation Scholars will take part in Columbia World Projects, a novel project in which faculty and researchers from Columbia will work with nonprofits, governments, the private sector, and intergovernmental companies to create reasonable solutions to real-world crises.

The scholars of Obama Foundation live at Columbia World Projects, a novel initiative that aims to  strategically open university research to the world in the form of projects that will have a worthy and lasting positive influence on people’s lives and will assist in showing them the way to solutions to intractable problems, while also improving research and award. Scholars will take part in CWP activities during the academic session.

After the completion of the program, Obama Foundation Scholars, certified by their experience, go back to the places where they have been working and go on along a path of service. It is our hope that Obama Foundation Scholars will keep being engaged with the Obama Foundation after finishing the program.

Type: Masters, Training

Eligibility for Obama Foundation Scholars Program

To be eligible for Obama Foundation Scholars Program, applicants must satisfy the requirements below:

  • The program wants emerging leaders from all over the globe who meet the following criteria:
    • Have a acknowledged dedication to service and leadership in a community, region or nation outside the United States, coupled with a demonstrated dedication to go back to these communities after they complete the program and apply their advanced training, professionalism, and connections on a long-term basis for the advantages of these communities
    • Are budding leaders who have made worthwhile contributions to their field and are now at a “tipping point” in their careers
    • Perfectly understand English Language (witten, spoken, and verbal)
    • Must have the skill and eagerness to positively impact the future of their community
    • Must have shown integrity, humility, inclusivity, stewardship, fearlessness, imagination and teamwork
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Benefits of Obama Foundation Scholars Program

Recipients of Obama Foundation Scholars Program will be offered the benefits below:

  • The total number of awards has not been specified.
  • Monthly allowance to assist with living costs in New York City.
  • A set up studio apartment at a walking distance range to Columbia University.
  • The funding will cover all tuition and fees for about four courses at Columbia University.
  • There would be basic medical, dental and life insurance for the period of the program.
  • Travel to and from home country and any program-associated activities via flight.
  • Leadership development programming led by the Obama Foundation that will help students access the real-world skills, tools and experiences to widen the delivery of their work when they get back home.
  • Duration of Program: 1 year

Obama Foundation Scholars Program – How to Apply

To avail Obama Foundation Scholars Program, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Apply for the opportunity here.
  • It is important to go through the programs official webpage for  FAQ as well as the university’s official webpage before applying.

NB: Though, our prayer is that the 2022-2023 Obama Foundation Scholars will be on-site in the City of New York. There is a likelihood that scholars will partake in the program remotely from their home countries and communities, because of COVID-19. We will keep monitoring the course of the pandemic to make sure it is safe for Scholars to travel to and live in the City of New York.

To inquire further about the Obama Foundation Scholars Program, please visit the official webpage.

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