Nicki Minaj On City Girls Collab: “Why Would I Work With Someone That Doesn’t Like Me?”

Nicki Minaj is making her return later this week when she’ll drop ‘Do We Have A Problem’ featuring Lil Baby. She put out a trailer for the single earlier in the week which you can check out here.

Nicki has been doing some press for the single and eventual album rollout. She spoke to The Morning Hustle and while the full interview will drop tomorrow morning, a clip has been released of Nicki being asked about working with the City Girls.

The group has been vocal about wanting to work with Nicki, but there has also been some controversy. Last year, old tweets from JT resurfaced where she says that she doesn’t like Nicki. She also went on to say that Nicki “feel she really run sh*t h** please I want cardi to take completely over push that b*tch to the back. Nicki overly happy on IG Beyoncé not saying nothing, chill out girl. the song good tho but calm down!”

Despite this and Nicki seemingly blocking the duo on Instagram, the City Girls were vocal about still wanting to work with Nicki and believing it could happen despite people’s doubts.

In the new interview, Nicki says that she actually wanted to work with the group and jump on one of their singles, but saw the tweets and changed her mind. She goes on to say that she’s let it go, but doesn’t know why she would work with someone who doesn’t like her.

You can check out the clip below.

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