Lupe Fiasco To Teach Rap At MIT

Earlier this week, Lupe Fiasco announced that his new album DRILL MUSIC IN ZION will be out in about a month on the 24th of June. He followed the announcement up with the release of his new single ‘AUTOBOTO’ featuring Nayirah. You can stream it here.

This afternoon, the rapper has taken to social media to make another big announcement. He revealed that he is going to be teaching Rap at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You might already be aware of the SOSA (Sociey Of Spoken Art) guild and how Lupe has been using it to do this with members there and with the emphasis he has on linguistics and semiotics in rap. There’s really no-one better for the job. The below tweet by Arts at MIT implies this will take place in 2022/2023.

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