Kodak Black Appears in Awkward Interview, Fans Concerned About Rapper’s Health

Kodak Black’s recent appearance during a reaction video has left fans concerned.

The Florida rapper did a special stop with Youtubers Zias and B. Lou’s channel ZIAS! where he behaved quite awkwardly, leaving the hosts confused and worried at some points. The asked Kodak to speak on his song ‘Super Gremlin‘ which came out a month ago but apart from not being able to do the same, he speaks a lot of gibberish and shows worrisome conduct.

At one point, Kodak tells the hosts “he’s tied”. Later, he tries to explain what he intended to say. “Like tired, like he dead. They dead like flies. Flies everywhere when you dead,” he adds. At multiple times during the segment, Kodak looks eerily at the camera, leaving fans baffled.

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