Joey Badass Says He Never Had Eye Damage From Solar Eclipse: “I just wanted an excuse to be off the Logic tour”

Joey Badass is set to release his anticipated new album 2000 this Friday, June 17th so he’s been active on social media lately.

On Tuesday, he had something important to share with his fans. The rapper says he never had any eye damage from staring at a solar eclipse as widely believed and reported by some media outlets back in 2017. The rumor started after Joey said he watched the eclipse without any sunglasses. He followed up shortly after with the announcement that he was pulling out from joining Logic’s tour.

Badass re-tweeted news stories and jokes linking his canceled concerts to his eclipse viewing, and later shared an update on his Instagram. “Doc said I gotta keep these on in the daytime now,” said the caption, “a lil annoying but they’re pretty fire.” That IG post has since been deleted.

He now says that he never had any issues with his eyes and decided to run with the joke as an “excuse” to cancel his three shows on Logic’s tour. “Speaking of solar eclipses, you know I never got any type of eye damage from that solar eclipse shit that “happened”. I just really wanted an excuse to be off the Logic tour. Blogs literally created a story and I went with it because it was convenient for me at the time,” he said.

“But it was also funny to see how gullible people are. It taught me a valuable lesson, whatever the media puts out in unison, people will simply believe. Even if the source isn’t validated. Scary world,” he continued, adding that he has no problem with Logic but just had to pull out because it wasn’t “serving him well at the time.”

Did he play a nice trick?

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