How to Immigrate and Work in Canada as a Web Developer

Are you a web developer seeking an evergreen destination to immigrate to? Then you’re at the right place. Canada has consistently ranked for more than five years straight the best destination in the world to immigrate to as well as the second safest place in the world. Its beautiful scenery, rich and amazing culture, high standards of living, perfect work-life balance, fat paychecks, just to name a few make Canada an ideal destination for any profession, most especially the tech industry as it is ranked the third IT hub in the world just after Japan and United States

With the rise of its applications, web development is a highly sought-after profession out there and there are numerous tech companies in Canada willing to pay you your dream paycheck for you to work with them. What more could you possibly wish for? Fat paychecks? You’re already guaranteed that. Spouse or Partner’s visa? It is covered too and he or she is also entitled to employment, free healthcare as well as free education for the children. Just name it, Canada got you covered!

Responsibilities of a Web Developer in Canada

Whether you are a new college grad vying for an entry-level position or a highly skilled professional these are some of the common responsibilities you’ll be part of:

  • Communicate with clients to elicit website requirements
  • Provide design sample(s) or template(s)
  • Develop website architecture and provide the suitable hardware and software requirements
  • Create and optimize content like graphics, text, animations on the website
  • Plan, design, code, modify, implement and test website-related codes
  • Conduct website testing and perform necessary security and quality controls
  • Provide documentation of every website project
  • Communicate with teammates
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What is the Salary of Web Developers in Canada?

Canada is the one country in the world that offers attractive paychecks in every profession. So for an even more sought after and lucrative profession like web development, you are entitled to a fatter paycheck.

Whether you are for an entry-level role with no experience to showcase, you can be compensated with an annual payment of up to 40, 000CAD on average according to PayScale whereas professionals earn up to 75,000CAD while highly skilled and more experienced professionals make a massive 122,000CAD yearly.

Where to Apply in Canada as a Web Developer

Generally, no city in Canada is exempted from the goodies offered by the nation because it is known to be corrupt-free. But a city like Toronto is considered to be Canada’s Silicon Valley, a tech hub city that houses some of the biggest tech companies in the country and some of the genius tech gurus from different parts of the world.

British Columbia, Alberta, and Vancouver are also good options to consider too. However, if you are most concerned about fatter paychecks offered to web developers according to cities then you’d have to think otherwise. Below are the top five cities offering the highest paycheck to web developers:

  1. Calgary: $109,600
  2. Toronto: $108,000),
  3. Vancouver: $107,800
  4. Ottawa: $107,600
  5. Edmonton ($107,000)

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Web Developer

In Canada, every occupation available for immigrants to apply is assigned a National Occupation Classification (NOC) code. First, you will have to check the NOC list which is a system deployed to classify jobs based on the level of the job and the job duties to know the occupation code you want to apply. For web developers, the NOC code is 2175 and it is under skill level A.

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Qualifications and work experience are two key factors that can improve your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points which determines whether you stand a chance to immigrate to Canada or not. However, age, language proficiency (English and/or French), along your partner’s skills can also help boost your CRS points.

There are many immigration programs available to individuals who seek permanent residence in Canada. But the overall process can be painstaking which is why it is advisable to go with these two immigration programs that are CRS based and takes no longer than 6 – 12 months to process.

#1. Express Entry (EE) Program

The Express Entry program is the most flexible immigration program available in Canada. Immigrants who seek permanent residency in Canada with little to no work experience can take advantage of this program, and with its swift process, can skyrocket the application process for their Canadian visa within 6 – 12 months.

The Express Entry System consists of three main programs, including:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  2. Federal Trade Worker Program (FTWP)
  3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Amongst the three programs, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is the most suitable option for a skill level A profession like a web development profession. It consists of six determining factors and is also considered the fastest Express Entry program. These requirements sum up to 100 points and you need a minimum score of 67 to qualify to immigrate to Canada

FSWP Requirements 

  1. Language Skills – maximum of 28 points
  2. Education – maximum of 25 points
  3. Work Experience – maximum of 15 points
  4. Age – maximum of 12 points
  5. Arranged Employment in Canada – maximum of 10 points
  6. Adaptability – maximum of 10 points
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#2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program is the other popular immigration program available in Canada next to the Express Entry Program. But unlike the Express Entry Program, you need a valid job to complete the application process. However, with the rise in demand for web developers in Canada, securing a job wouldn’t be a problem.

To start your application, you must show interest to live and also work in a province. As it stands now, web developers are highly sought-after in British Columbia, and to the extent that they created an immigration stream that is dedicated to them and other IT professionals.

  • BC PNP Tech Pilot – a sub-stream of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program specifically created to allow tech employers in British Columbia to employ as well as to retain professionals from abroad by fast-tracking the process of their permanent residency application.

Whether you are a newbie web developer or a highly skilled web developer, Canada offers a variety of options that will enable you land a job and acquire a permanent residency in the country. More so, the high standard of life, safety, access to top-rated institutions to further your web development skills, and most importantly, the unbeatable pay checks are quite convincing reasons to immigrate to Canada now.

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