Future Says He Plans to Put More Music Out; Wants to Perform ‘I NEVER LIKED YOU’ Start To Finish

Future is on fire right now as his latest album I NEVER LIKED YOU is set to debut at the number 1 spot of Billboard 200 with sales of 175-200k in the first week.

The Atlanta star also dropped a deluxe version of the album with 5 additional songs and featuring guest appearances from Lil Baby, Lil Durk and more. With that into equation, the album might perform even better than that number. Shortly after, he spoke to Zane Lowe on Apple Music about releasing a deluxe, working closely with ATL Jacob, planning to go on tour, collaborating with Drake and more.

“We just did those records just because it was just the timing of it, but it was inevitable, you know what I’m saying, for it to happen like that. I’m thinking I was in LA when I recorded that song [I’m On One] I played it for him after I did it. Once it was done, I played the record for him,” he said about working with Drake.

Future says he wants to put more music out this year to make up for the little drought. “I’m going to put more music out. I’m going to put more music out, but my team, you know what I’m saying, they dropping next, so it’s really about them. You know what I’m saying? Just showcasing the homies that’s coming up behind me or whatever. Just giving them that super work ethic. But they already building their own buzz up on their own, so it’s going good,” he said.

Future says he wants to go on tour but isn’t sure when it will happen yet. In the meantime, he will do some shows and festivals. “Yeah, I’m going to do some shows. I’m starting to do shows in July. July through September I’m going to do shows. And then after that I might just try to see if I’m going to go on tour or if I’m going to just chill for a second until next year and do shows, but I’m going to definitely do festivals. I’m going to do a bunch of shows, but right now I want to focus on the stage, making sure I deliver a great performance just like I delivered a great album,” he commented.

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“I want the performance to be just even better… I definitely want to perform the album from beginning to end. Be able to get that that off of just that look. Just be consistent with the look instead of just trying to fit every song, do all the songs, old songs. I want to be able to just do the album and let people enjoy that,” he continued.

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