Frank Ocean Reportedly Plotting Return, Playing Album For Music Execs

Even if you’re not the most hardcore Frank Ocean fan and haven’t been following him closely, it’s clear that he’s been in the public eye a little more than usual as of late. Last month, news of his independent luxury brand Homer came out and a couple of nights ago, he was seen at the Met Gala.

Frank is one of the artists that seemed like he was gearing up to release a new album right before the pandemic hit. He was set to headline Coachella in 2020 and was releasing singles like ‘DHL‘ and ‘In My Room‘ in late 2019.

For most of last year though, he went quiet, dealing with a personal tragedy too. But tonight, some news is being reported that will be a delight to Frank fans.

HDD is reporting that Frank is shopping a new album to labels and that his attorney, Laurie Soriano, is taking meetings and playing music from the album as Frank “plans his return”. Sources also apparently say that the album is “f*cking great”, which is always welcome news. We wonder if this is the supposed Club album that Frank has been sitting on for a while or something new entirely.

This is big not only because it seems to confirm that Frank is looking to put an album out soon, but also because he’s seemingly looking for a distribution deal to partner with the publishing deal that he signed with Warner Chappell Music in the fall of 2019.

Worst case scenario, we should be getting a new project from Frank before Coachella 2023, because that’s when he’s scheduled to perform at the festival.

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