Best Countries in the World to Travel Alone

A trip by yourself might just change your entire life.we’re counting down our picks for the top eight countries for solo travelers.

For this list, we’re looking at nations that offer a combination of natural beauty, safety and existing infrastructure that make them superb destinations for those traveling on their own.

1. Costa Rica.

What makes Costa Rica such a good destination for solo travelers? Well, for starters, its people are among the happiest in the world.

According to the New economics Foundation’s happy Planet Index, which evaluates overall sustainable happiness and environmental efforts, Costa Rica came in at the top spot.
This Central American country lives by the philosophy of Pura vida, which is essentially a motto championing a simple stress free life. Costa Rica is a relatively inexpensive place to travel and the diverse landscape will take your breath away from the rain forest to the country’s many beaches. And if you use common sense during your travel, Costa Rica is generally considered to be quite safe.

2. Croatia.

In recent years, this coastal nation seems to be popping up on everyone’s bucket lists.
Seriously, there are few destinations more memorable than Croatia. But just because all of your friends plan on visiting this dreamy land of walled towns and beautiful beaches doesn’t mean you need to go with them.

In fact, now the tourists are arriving in droves. One could argue that there has never been a better time to plan a solo trip to Croatia as travelling without a large group allows you to blend into the background and better mingle with the locals. Rather than standing out as a potential target for tourist traps, you can have a far more authentic experience. Wandering around the winding streets of Dubrovnik or charming korcula town to relax on the peaceful and secluded beaches like stiniva or Luba Nita, sample local delicacies and rub elbows with locals.

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3. Japan.

The Land of the Rising Sun is known for many things, but some of its biggest selling points include the famed local cuisine, the breathtaking beauty of its natural spaces, and of course, the extremely polite people who live there.

Japan have had a couple of rougher neighborhoods and a few of its major cities over the years, including Tokyo’s infamous, yet interesting Red Light District, Kabuki Joe. Japan is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world where the traditional gardens of Japan will imbue a solo traveller with a sense of inner peace while the hotsprings known as onsen ensure that you return from your journey feeling well rested and thoroughly relaxed.

Japan’s capsule hotels offer some of the tiniest accommodations in the world, meaning that you won’t be blowing your budget unnecessarily on oversized rooms.

4. The Netherlands.

Amsterdam should definitely be on everyone’s solo bucket list. Yes, groups of friends often travel there to experience its world renowned nightlife firsthand, but this city of contradictions is also one of the most peaceful, quiet and contemplate of cities you’ll ever visit.

It’s beautiful, with many portions of the city somehow maintaining the energy and aesthetic of a small village, making it a perfect place for a casual solitary stroll or a place to recharge your batteries.
Even with often massive crowds of tourists venture beyond the capital city however, you realize people want a small slice of the Netherlands you’ve experienced thus far, you’ll marvel at the landscapes including beautiful fields of flowers and historic windmills, as well as charming little towns full of friendly locals.

5. Norway.

There are so many reasons to visit this Nordic country by yourself. Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to be pleased with the abundance of activities in which to partake year round from downhill skiing and snowboarding to hiking fishing and cycling. Not only are the major cities in Norway, like Oslo are home to some impressive architecture, but the many coastal towns are insanely charming.

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The single biggest draw, however, is the nation’s incredible landscape. Norway is among the most beautiful countries in the world.

The dramatic fjords that cut through the land are truly inspiring and the Lofoten archipelago is like something out of a dream.

Any place you are in Norway, you can see the Northern lights is worth a visit with or without been accompanied.

6 .Thailand.

One of the downsides of traveling by yourself is that you have no one to split costs with, from accommodations and taxis to basic supplies or even groceries, the price of traveling alone can really add up in an unexpected ways.

As such, it’s important to choose your destination wisely when going on a solo trip.
From a budgetary standpoint, Thailand is a great choice, excluding your initial airfare but including accommodation, food transport within Thailand and entertainment costs.

Most backpackers, can get by on as little as 30 to 35 US dollars per day, or perhaps up to the budget of 50 or $60 and you’re in for a very comfortable trip. What’s even better is that despite the generally low cost of living in Thailand, Thailand is also considered to be a relatively safe place to travel even for individuals on their own. And for that low cost, you can get an incredible array of cultural experiences and breathtaking landscapes to behold. If you ever get lonely, there are always plenty of other backpackers to befriend.

7. New Zealand.

New Zealand is so much more than a filming location.
For starters, it’s worth noting that according to the 2019 Global Peace index, New Zealand is the second safest country in the entire world second only to Iceland. Considering it’s the second safest country in the world, you can feel incredibly safe and secure as you navigate this land of natural wonders on your own.

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To be realistic, a solo traveler is hard pressed to find a more rich or diverse landscape than that of New Zealand.  The country only consists of about 100,000 square miles of land, but jammed into this relatively modest footprint. You can find some dramatic ice capped mountains and beautiful sandy beaches, incredible waterfalls and rolling fields of green. Don’t forget about the fjords, hotsprings, some tropical forests and glaciers.
This is a land of adventure and excitement filled with too many experiences and sites for you to feel on top of the world.

8 .Germany. When it come to efficient, environmentally minded and yet well versed in the fine art of having fun, Germany is a nation that everyone should visit at least once. Yes, there’s bratwurst and beer to be enjoyed, and you’ll likely consume plenty of both.

That’s just like scratching the surface.What makes Germany such a must visit is specially for travellers who are on their own. For starters, it’s a nation with a great love for art, architecture and music. On a quiet afternoon, been alone in a German city like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or cologne is quiet fascinating. You’ll find yourself truly inspired by all the incredible architecture and the cultural offerings of the museums outside the cities. Castles and ancient forests remind you that this is the land that inspired the Brothers Grimm. Adding that to their robust excellent food and how incredible they are welcoming people, you will be glad to have gotten yourself a great solo destination like Germany.

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