After Losing Son Last Year, Freeway Mourns Death of his 21 Year Old Daughter

Freeway is mourning the loss of his daughter who passed away from cancer recently.

Freeway took to Instagram on Sunday to share the terrible news that his daughter Harmony had passed away at the age of 21. “You know the saying sugar and spice and everything nice, well that’s my Harmony!” he wrote in the caption of a video of Harmony dancing at her 21st birthday party. “I promise y’all she was the sweetest most kind most caring generous loving adorable person I know. Allah Really blessed me putting her in my life. I love her so much and this hurts so bad.”

The rap veteran added that the pain he’s suffering his unimaginable. “This video was February of this year on her 21st birthday. Even though she was fighting cancer she was always happy and always smiling and she always brightened up my day. She truly was my best friend and I don’t know what I’m gonna do this pain is unimaginable,” he continued.

This news comes just about a year after his son Jihad passed away from complications of accidental drug intoxication in 2020. We send our prayers to Freeway and the family.

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